June  2023
假訊息管制與言論自由的平衡: 美國網路中介責任的邊界探察與反思
Balance Between Disinformation Regulation and Free Speech: The Legislative Boundaries of the Responsibilities of Online Platform Intermediaries
作者(中) 盧建誌
作者(英) Chien-Chih (Jesse) Lu
關鍵詞(中) 《通訊端正法》第 230 條、平台責任、言論自由、假訊息、善良撒瑪利亞人
中文摘要 平台驅動市場中言論競爭失衡導致的壟斷危機,加劇煽動性內容的傳遞與政治極化的現象,促使民主機制遭受挑戰。本研究由憲法言論自由的視野出發,以直接因果連結、最小限制手段與規範不足為理論基礎,論證事前訂立專法管制假訊息勢將無法通過違憲審查的現實。由此,本研究循美國《通訊端正法》第 230 條的脈絡為觀察,試圖型塑以平台責任為核心的管制論述,構築兼具強化言論自由功能與彰顯「善良撒瑪利亞人」精神的假訊息規範模式。
英文摘要 As digital technology continues to evolve with the Internet, imbalances in competition have resulted in a risk of monopolies in the online social platforms. These imbalances have led to political polarization and sedition, which have challenged the stability of democratic institutions. In this study, the constitutional right to freedom of speech, direct causal links, least restrictive means, and insufficient specificity were integrated into a theoretical framework to demonstrate that a standard enacted to control the spread of disinformation would not be constitutional. On the basis of Section 230 of the US Communications Decency Act, this study proposes legislative and regulatory approaches for the digital environment. It further describes a legal standard for governing disinformation by upholding the Good Samaritan spirit.
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