June  2023
以公共政策介入手段扶持新聞業存續與發展: 平台問責途徑與公共預算途徑的跨國比較
Policy Approaches to Supporting Sustainable Journalism: An International Comparison of Public Policy Interventions Based on Platform Accountability and Public Expenditure
作者(中) 羅世宏
作者(英) Shih-Hung Lo
關鍵詞(中) 公共政策介入、公共預算途徑、平台問責途徑、新聞業危機、新 聞業補助政策、新聞議價
中文摘要 新聞產業的商業模式因數位平台壟斷、新聞消費行為改變與廣告收入減少而崩壞。這不僅是新聞業生存的經濟問題,更是攸關民主正當性的政治問題。本文認為,僅靠新聞業自身的數位創新與轉型無法解決這個危機,政府必須透過公共政策介入。本文提出兩種解決途徑:平台問責與公共預算。除了進行跨國比較外,本文還評估這兩種途徑各自的方案,分析優劣,並探討跨國實踐經驗對臺灣新聞政策的啟示。
英文摘要 The collapse of the news industry’s business model is due to the monopolization of digital platforms, changes in news consumption behavior, and a reduction in advertising revenue. This is not only an economic matter concerning the survival of the news industry, but also a political matter concerning the legitimacy of democracy. This paper argues that the crisis in the news industry cannot be resolved solely through digital innovation and transformation, but instead that urgent government intervention through appropriate public policy measures is required. This paper also proposes two solutions to the crisis: platform accountability and public expenditure. In addition to conducting international comparisons, this article evaluates the various options contained in each solution, analyzes their advantages and disadvantages, and discusses the implications of international practices and experience for Taiwan’s journalism policy.
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