December  2022
Media Participation of Migrant Community: A Case Study of Bản tin tiếng Việt PTS
作者(中) 王右君
作者(英) Yow-Jiun Wang
關鍵詞(中) 社群媒體、協作、移工、移住社群、參與、新住民
關鍵詞(英) social media, collaboration, migrant worker, migrant community; participation, new resident
中文摘要 本文以公視《越南語新聞》及其社群平臺為案例,探討移住社群在公共媒體上的參與模式及其機會與限制。研究顯示,節目團隊的新聞服務定位及通訊傳播科技的中介,令閱聽人得以在編譯的協力下形成草根參與迴路,提供消息線索並影響新聞議題設定。編譯和中間人可經由組織內水平互動在議題設定和內容生產上進行培力或協作參與,但此機會卻受限於節目資源和產製模式。唯個案社群平臺上的隨機論壇可公開近用,容許廣大移民/工為權益發聲。
英文摘要 To investigate the patterns of media participation of the migrant community as well as the corresponding opportunities and limitations, this paper presents a case study of Bản tin tiếng Việt PTS, a Vietnamese news program in Taiwan. The study demonstrated that the production team regards the provision of essential news for the Vietnamese migrant community as the primary goal and uses information and communication technologies in horizontal communication appropriately. Accordingly, the target audience with which translator-editors collaborate are empowered to develop a grassroots participation avenue through which they can contribute sources and influence the news agenda. Through horizontal communication, the translator-editors and “in-betweeners” can participate in shaping the news agenda and producing news content. However, such opportunities are limited because of insufficient resources and the modes of production. Nevertheless, the forums on the program’s social media platform are publicly accessible, allowing members of the migrant community to voice their opinions.
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