December  2022
Noisy Color Signals: A Historical Research on the Advent of Color Television in Early 1970s Taiwan
作者(中) 柯裕棻
作者(英) Yu-Fen Ko
關鍵詞(中) 通俗文化、彩色電視、媒介競爭、電視史、語言政策
關鍵詞(英) popular culture, color television, media competition, history of television, language policy
中文摘要 本文重探1970年前後我國彩色電視發展的過程。主要討論彩色電視引入之際,在經濟、社會與政治權力組合中,經過一連串的文化和技術轉譯,在不同媒介和組織之間如何相互影響。它引發的狂熱情感經驗也使得政治權力開始緊張,繼而影響權力集團的運作。其間,臺語節目幾度成為文化位階和市場競爭的關鍵。本文梳理當時對於電視臺競爭的看法、彩色電視機的普及狀況,以及由電視節目引發的熱情和恐慌,並總和討論文化形式、技術與權力之間的關係。
英文摘要 This paper presents an analysis of the domestication of color television in early 1970s Taiwan. As an imported technology, color television was introduced through various political initiatives and cultural translations and was therefore entangled with economic and political power. The sudden shift in the Kuomintang’s language and media policies when the party was confronted with and overwhelmed by new modes of popular culture reflected in the new medium of color television is explored herein.
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