June  2022
照見攝影史的陰影與暗角: 評介《現實的探求——臺灣攝影史 形構考》
Illuminating the Shadows and the Dark Corners of the History of Photography
作者(中) 陳佳琦
作者(英) Chia-Chi Chen
關鍵詞(中) 臺灣攝影、歷史形構、檔案、攝影史
關鍵詞(英) Taiwanese photography, historical formation, archive, history of photography
中文摘要 本文評論張世倫所著之《現實的探求——臺灣攝影史形構考》一書。本書具備臺灣攝影史的批判性歷史綱要之雛型,但在臺灣攝影史研究積累仍不夠成熟的現況之下,抗拒了整體歷史書寫的使命,卻也同時打開了檔案研究的可能性。本文首先就臺灣攝影史架構的反省與研究進路,衡量本書在攝影史研究進路上的角色意義與推進。其次,之於歷來攝影史的史料發掘、繼承與再考工作,觀察《形構考》展示了怎樣的研究實踐、意義與價值。最後,本書強調將影像與檔案予以「問題意識化」,而其對國族攝影史的抵抗之外,進行了怎樣的實踐及其可能產生的正面意義。
英文摘要 This article reviews Shih-Lun Chang’s book titled Reclaiming Reality: On the Historical Formation of Taiwanese Photography, which has been concluded to be a prototype of a critical historical outline of the history of Taiwanese photography. Research on the history of photography in Taiwan remains insufficient, and this book resists the mission of overall historical writing as well as opens up possibilities for archival research. This review firstly, based on the reflections on the study frame of Taiwan photography history, evaluates the significance and advancement of this book. Secondly, regarding the excavation, inheritance, and archaeology of historical photographic materials, this article uncovers the meaning and values of the type of research discussed in this book. Finally, this article emphasizes that the “problem-consciousness” of the book creates practical and positive meaning that goes beyond the resistance to the history of national photography.
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