June  2022
新聞業的政策思辨與典範轉移: 新聞業危機該救嗎?怎麼救?
Book Review: Saving the Media and Saving the News
作者(中) 羅世宏
作者(英) Shih-Hung Lo
關鍵詞(中) 公共媒體、非營利媒體組織、新聞業政策、新聞業危機、數位平台
關鍵詞(英) public media, non-profit media organization, journalism policy, journalism crisis, digital platform
中文摘要 合而觀之,朱莉亞.卡熱和瑪莎.米諾的這兩本書都值得細讀,分別從經濟學和法學的角度論證了媒體政策變革的必要性與迫切性,也都不約而同地在書名中強調了「拯救」(saving)一詞,不只論證 新聞業值得救,也各自提出了如何救媒體(media)與救新聞(news)的具體建議。從她們的書中,新聞業政策思辨逐漸清晰,典範轉移呼之欲出,代表著歐陸與北美學術界關於新聞業前途的重要立論,非常值得台灣本地關心新聞與民主前景的人參考,並且用以思考綢繆本地新聞業危機的改革策略與主張。
英文摘要 These two books, Saving the Media and Saving the News, written by Julia Cagé in 2015 and Martha Minow in 2021, are worth reading. Cagé and Minow demonstrate the urgency of media policy reform from the perspectives of economics and law respectively. They emphasize the word “saving” to indicate that journalism is worth saving and to propose suggestions on how to save the media and the news. In their books, the imperative for a journalism policy is clarified, and a paradigm shift in thoughts about the future of journalism emerges. These authors voice a renewed concern for the future of journalism in European and North American academic circles, and this concern should be taken seriously. We are in urgent need of media reform strategies and solutions for overcoming the journalism crisis in Taiwan.
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