December  2021
手遊中虛擬扭蛋機制與 消費實踐之反思
Reflections on Gacha Mechanism and Its Impact on Spending in Mobile Games
作者(中) 陳柏程、秦琍琍
作者(英) Bo-Cheng Chen & Li-Li Chin
關鍵詞(中) 手遊、虛擬扭蛋、虛擬貨幣、資本主義、戰利箱
關鍵詞(英) mobile games, Gacha mechanism, virtual currencies, capitalism, loot box
中文摘要 近年甚為普及的手遊,其中虛擬扭蛋機制不僅與過往付費模式迥異,玩家們也因此投入龐大金額。本研究以質性研究方法,對該現象做出全觀性的描繪與詮釋。研究發現,虛擬扭蛋機制以類賭博的屬性雜揉手遊之中,不僅取代過往消費的對價關係,運氣也成為一大關鍵;玩家在追求象徵價值的過程裡,亦深受此機制的愉悅消費所吸引;而在虛擬代幣所衍生的種種疑慮下,手遊營運所構築起的金融體系與相關機制,需要被揭露、關注、乃至制訂完善的規範。
英文摘要 Mobile games have become popular in recent years. Gacha or loot box mechanisms in mobile games differ drastically from previous payment mechanisms and have resulted in considerable spending by gamers. This study employed qualitative research methods to analyze and interpret the phenomena holistically. Blending in with mobile games, Gacha, which resembles gambling in that luck plays a major role and can replace the quid pro quo purchase system of the past. Gamers are deeply drawn to this pleasurable consumption and search for symbolic values during the process. However, the use of virtual currencies has created causes for concerns. Mobile game economies and Gacha mechanism operations must be disclosed, heeded, and well-regulated.
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