December  2021
Forum: Game Studies
作者(中) 林日璇、林鶴玲、黃厚銘
作者(英) Jih-Hsuan Tammy Lin, Holin Lin & Hou-Ming Huang
關鍵詞(中) 玩家、角色代入、遊戲化、遊戲學、遊戲性
關鍵詞(英) player, character identification, gamification, ludology, gameness
中文摘要 遊戲研究,已是結合多元學科取向的重要研究領域。本期專題,特別邀請三位投入遊戲研究多年的傳播及社會學領域學者,進行一場線上論壇。三位學者介紹各自的研究歷程、國內外研究議題、也推薦重要書目。在交互提問中,他們反思並提出未來遊戲研究值得投入的方向:包括在地遊戲作品,多樣化的遊戲應用,如健康、教育及市民參與;更為鉅觀的政治經濟學批判,如亞洲電玩產業生態;以及玩家、產業與資本主義之間的愛恨交織與分合關係。
英文摘要 Game studies are part of a dynamic interdisciplinary field wherein the main focus is on video games, gaming, and players. In this special issue, three communication and sociology scholars who have extensive experience in conducting game studies were invited to contribute to this online forum. They introduced their individual game study histories, presented research topics prominent in Taiwan and abroad, and recommended relevant literature for further exploration. Through interquestioning, they proposed directions for future research. These include investigations into Taiwan’s video game industry and its notable creations; the diversified applications of games as strategies for promoting public health, education, and citizen participation; and game studies centered on the video game industry and gaming culture in Asia, conducted using macro and critical political economy approaches. The complex and ambivalent relationships among players, the video game industry, and capitalism merit further examination in the future.
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