December  2021
非虛構文學「電玩化」與跨媒介轉述策略: 以電玩《湖濱散記》(Walden, a game)為例
Transmedia Adaptation Strategies: The Case of Walden, a game
作者(中) 賴玉釵
作者(英) Yu-Chai Lai
關鍵詞(中) 自然書寫、科普教育、跨媒介敘事、遊戲化、數位敘事
關鍵詞(英) nature writing, popular science education, transmedia storytelling, gamification, digital narrative
中文摘要 跨媒介敘事研究近年著重非虛構素材,探索文史資訊轉述互動敘事歷程。本研究以自然書寫《湖濱散記》為例,剖析改編者「電玩化」策略。改編者模擬原作實景並安排互動節點,讓閱聽人透過遊戲「媒介中介」體現原作生活。改編者「編碼」統計物種出現頻率,據此「視覺化」自然書寫。改編者結合湖濱之親身踏察等體驗,據此「聽覺化」自然書寫。非虛構文學之跨媒介電玩訴求精確資訊,再現模擬實境及歷史脈絡,體現慢遊戲及生態環境之美。
英文摘要 Recent studies of transmedia storytelling have focused on the nonfiction genre in investigating how literature and historical materials are transformed into interactive narratives. This study used the example of Henry David Thoreau’s Walden and its video game adaptation by Tracy Fullerton (Walden, a game) to analyze transmedia storytelling strategies. Walden, a game enables players to experience the life described in the original text, such as simulations of the facts that Thoreau build his cottage and collected berries. Furthermore, the game demonstrates how nature writing can be visualized and “audiolized.” Fullerton calculated the frequency of the species appearing in the text and combined this with her personal experience in visiting Walden Pond to present a historically and textually accurate natural environment for players to explore. Adapting nonfiction into video games requires in-depth research to accurately represent the original work and historical context. Fullerton achieves this in Walden, a game and thereby creates a beautiful, slow gaming experience.
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