June  2021
Tango Under the COVID-19 Infodemic: Taiwan’s Practice of and Reflection on Fact-checking Journalism
作者(中) 胡元輝
作者(英) Yuan-Hui Hu
關鍵詞(中) COVID-19、事實查核、假訊息、臺灣事實查核中心
關鍵詞(英) COVID-19, fact-checking, misinformation, disinformation, Taiwan FactCheck Center
中文摘要 本文從全球事實查核的實踐,特別是臺灣事實查核中心的經驗出發,析論COVID-19疫情下的假訊息樣態及其被查核狀態。相關調查與經驗顯示,臺灣在假訊息課題的處理上,已由多方利害關係人形成相互協力、彼此約制的運作模式。COVID-19疫情爆發之後,事實查核組織與新聞媒體、社群平台立即成為破解疫情假訊息的第一線協作網絡,具社會倡議性質的事實查核組織與後兩者之間的協作關係,如同共舞一支探戈,立場與目標雖未必一致,但協力與互補仍是疫情下的主調。
英文摘要 Starting with an exposition of the global practice of fact checking, especially the experience of the Taiwan FactCheck Center, this article examines and analyzes the characteristics and types of misinformation and disinformation on COVID-19 as well as the volume of and changes in the information being subjected to fact checking. Related investigations and experience indicate that fact-checking organizations, the news media, and social media platforms have formed a collaborative network constituting the front line in the effort to debunk false information on the pandemic. Fact checking organizations are inherently meant to promote the public good with respect to information; given that the purposes of news and social media are not as fundamentally pure, a certain tension is involved in how fact-checking organizations maintain collaborative relationships with such media enterprises. However, although their purposes and goals differ, collaboration and complementarity are necessary in the face of the infodemic.
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