June  2021
The On-line Diffusion, Collective Gatekeeping, and Agenda-setting Of the News on Air Pollution
作者(中) 譚躍、蕭蘋
作者(英) Yue Tan, Ping Shaw
關鍵詞(中) 空污、新聞擴散、集體守門、議題設定效果、電腦內容分析
關鍵詞(英) air pollution, news diffusion, online opinion leaders, collective gatekeeping, agenda setting effects, computerized content analysis
中文摘要 空氣污染日益成為臺灣民眾、政府和新聞媒體所重視的日常民生議題。在網路媒體上,網路發文者透過在網路論壇的轉發和評論,將空污新聞迅速擴散給其他網友,從而影響觀眾如何得知和理解該議題的最新資訊。本研究以電腦內容分析法,針對2017年三大報的空污新聞、網路論壇PTT討論空污議題貼文的內容和一般網友的回應行為,探討臺灣空污新聞的擴散過程,包括:傳統新聞媒體的議題設定效果、PTT網友的集體守門過程、及其對其他網友回應的影響。
英文摘要 Air pollution is gradually becoming the most pressing environmental issue for Taiwanese citizens, government, and news media. Online media outlets disseminate news on air pollution by reposting the content created by online opinion leaders and commenting on the news, and these actions influence how the public approaches and interprets this issue. By conducting an automated content analysis of air pollution news from three major Taiwanese newspapers, the content of PTT posts, users’ response behaviors, and the relationships between these aspects, this research examined the diffusion process of air pollution news in 2017. Particularly, it examined the agenda-setting effects of traditional news media and PTT users’ collective gatekeeping processes as well as their impact on other users’ response behaviors.
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