June  2021
“Doing”Men: The Construction of Masculinities in Heterosexual Men’s Same-sex Friendships in Different Life Stages
作者(中) 李佩雯
作者(英) Pei-Wen Lee
關鍵詞(中) 包容型男子氣概、同性友誼、同性社交、男性研究、複數型男子氣概
關鍵詞(英) inclusive masculinity, same-sex friendships, homosociality, men’s studies, multi-masculinities
中文摘要 本研究採取關係互動與複數型男子氣概理論研究視角,試圖探索本土異性戀男性友誼與男子氣概之間如何互相形構。本研究針對不同生命階段共17位青壯世代大學教育程度以上、中產階級男性進行深度訪談。研究結果顯示,受訪者隨著各生命階段所累積的關係碰撞與性別不平等覺察,其男子氣概建構顯現出從傳統霸權式朝向包容、性別平等轉型的軌跡。中壯年受訪者展現出較多反思霸權男子氣概的能動性,然而異男同性間對彼此的友愛與情感表達仍是禁忌。
英文摘要 The current research adopts the relational interaction and “multi-masculinities” theoretical perspectives, attempting to explore the construction of masculinities in men’s same-sex friendships. A total of 17 college level educated and above, heterosexual, middle class adult males were interviewed. The results show that as participants growed across different life stages, the construction of their masculinities turned from hegemonic style to a more inclusive and gender equal tendency due to their experiences of gender relationships and observations of gender inequality. Participants who are 30 years old and above tended to show more agency in challenging hegemonic masculinity; however, expressing mutual love to each other remained as a taboo among heterosexual males.
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