December  2020
受傷的醫者: 罹癌醫師的疾病書寫研究
The Wounded Healer: Illness Narratives of Physicians with Cancer
作者(中) 紀慧君
作者(英) Huei-Chun Chi
關鍵詞(中) 地方知識、個人經驗敘事、疾病書寫、敘事分析、發聲
關鍵詞(英) local knowledge, personal experience narrative, illness narrative, narrative analysis, voice
中文摘要 本研究分析罹癌醫師如何通過個人經驗敘事,評價與反思作用於自身的癌症治療。過往,在實證醫學規訓下,醫師會以互斥架構理解實證醫學與地方知識,將地方知識視為不科學或不理性等另類現象。然而,因著罹癌的身體經驗,受傷醫者重新理解實證醫學與地方知識的關係,為以往漠視的地方知識發聲。受傷醫者以既是病人又是醫師之特殊性,反省實證醫學之規訓,這顯示出他們以親身經驗與醫學視野,體會實證醫學與地方知識並存的時代意義。
英文摘要 This study analyzed how physicians with cancer use their personal experience as narratives to evaluate and reflect on their own cancer treatment. Physicians use evidence-based medicine to employ a mutually exclusive framework that explains evidence-based medicine and local knowledge, and they regard local knowledge as unscientific or irrational. However, after receiving a diagnosis of cancer, physicians transition from the role of a doctor to that of a patient. This provides a rare opportunity to reconsider the relationship between evidence-based medicine and local knowledge. They have a chance to voice their local knowledge. In sum, through personal experience and a change in medical perspective, these wounded healers not only reflect on the discipline of evidence-based medicine but also experience its coexistence with local knowledge.
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