December  2020
公領域私語化: 臺灣社群媒體政治新聞貼文與討論分析
Privatized Discourse in the Public Sphere: Content Analysis of Taiwanese News Organizations’ Political Posts and User Comments on Facebook Pages
作者(中) 黃毓超
作者(英) Yu-Chao Huang
關鍵詞(中) 公共領域、社群媒體、政治新聞、線上政治討論、臉書
關鍵詞(英) public sphere, social media, political news, online political discussion, Facebook
中文摘要 本研究探討社群媒體新聞討論之「公領域」中「私語化」現象。研究從「環境賦使」理論切入,因圍繞在個人社會網絡建構的社群媒體環境,讓新聞媒體與閱聽眾,都可能習以人際傳播模式互動,進而形成如私人間對話的政治討論型態。研究檢視臺灣12大新聞臉書粉絲專頁1,119則政治新聞貼文與其2,501則留言內容,分析新聞社群媒體編輯與閱聽眾互動過程與影響,最後討論在此人際互動環境下,如何讓公共對話成為可能。
英文摘要 Social media, as a new form of public sphere, facilitates the dissemination and discussion of news. The nature and characteristics of social media enable news organizations to interact with their audience in a manner similar to interpersonal communication. However, whether social media can contribute to deliberative communication, which is the foundation of democracy, remains unknown. Therefore, this study examined how Taiwanese news organizations’ strategic uses of Facebook is related to individuals’ engagement levels and online political participation. On the basis of the framework of affordances, content analysis was performed on 1,119 posts gathered on 12 news organizations’ Facebook Pages and 2,501 user comments over January 14-27, 2018. Theoretical and managerial implications of the results are discussed, with a focus on how news organizations may build and host an ideal platform for substantive political discussion.
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