December  2019
候選人臉書粉絲專頁的使用、 決定因素和影響: 以2016 年臺灣區域立委選舉為例
Uses, Factors and Outcomes of Facebook Campaigns in the 2016 Legislative Election in Taiwan
作者(中) 譚躍
作者(英) Yue Tan
關鍵詞(中) 立委選舉、社會網絡分析、選舉結果、臉書粉絲團
關鍵詞(英) legislative election, social network analysis, voting outcomes, Facebook groups
中文摘要 本研究主要考察候選人臉書粉絲團在臺灣2016 年立委選舉中的 作用。具體的分析主要分為三個步驟:首先,使用次級資料,考察立 委候選人如何使用臉書粉絲團進行選舉?受到哪些個人特徵和選區特 徵的影響?之後,使用社會網絡分析法,考察候選人臉書粉絲團好友 網絡的結構特徵。最後,結合候選人的個人因素(性別、年齡、教育 程度、在位與否)、選區的環境因素(所屬政黨的立場和地位、選區 人口密度、對手數量)和候選人粉絲團好友網絡的結構特徵,共同預 測選舉結果。
英文摘要 This study examines how Taiwanese candidates used Facebook groups extensively to promote their campaigns in the 2016 legislative elections. The specific research questions included the following: Who employed Facebook groups for campaigning? How did they use them? How did the features of the elections moderate this usage? What types of networks were formed between the candidates and their Facebook followers? How did structural characteristics influence the election outcomes? Using hierarchical multiple regressions, models are constructed to determine how candidates’ personal characteristics; the features of the elections; the use of Facebook for distributing, collecting and mediating campaign messages; and the structural characteristics of the candidates’ page-like networks influenced the election outcomes.
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