June  2019
“Gender Equality, Are We There Yet?”: Exploring Romantic Relationship Scripts among Heterosexual University Students in Taiwan
作者(中) 李佩雯
作者(英) Pei-Wen Lee
關鍵詞(中) 大學生、性別平等、做性別、愛情、腳本、親密關係
關鍵詞(英) university students, gender equality, doing gender, love, scripts, romantic relationship
中文摘要 本研究從做性別(doing gender)與性腳本(sexual scripts approach)之理論觀點出發,試圖扣問:大學生的親密關係互動建構出怎樣的愛情腳本?其戀愛腳本在親密關係發展過程中是否歷經雙方的重構與協商?過程又是如何?本研究最終募集大學生異性戀情侶七對,多數受訪大學生的戀愛關係腳本仍受社會文化影響,強調主流的傳統性別角色二分,但受訪者的親密關係互動情節,已明顯可見其他非全然傳統的性與性別腳本。
英文摘要 This study adopted doing gender, gender performativity, and sexual script approaches to explore the following questions: (1) What romantic relationship scripts are formed and enacted by heterosexual university students in Taiwan? (2) How do partners negotiate and reconstruct romantic relationship scripts when their interactions appear to be unsatisfactory? Seven university student couples were recruited for this study. In-depth interviews revealed that the couples were more likely to be influenced by societal expectations to follow mainstream romantic relationship scripts. However, several romantic scripts identified in this study, such as sharing the payment for dates, premarital sexual behaviors, and nonconventional gender role expectations and performances, suggest that the interviewees could deconstruct traditional romantic scripts.
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