June  2019
“Just Sexy, Not Slutty”: Selfies, Sexualization, and the Boundary Making Practices among Female Social Media Users
作者(中) 康庭瑜
作者(英) Ting-Yu Kang
關鍵詞(中) 自拍、性化、性別、社群媒體、後女性主義、蕩婦羞辱
關鍵詞(英) selfies, sexualization, gender, social media, postfeminism, slut-shaming
中文摘要 本文分析社群媒體上年輕女性使用者的性化自拍影像產製。本研究指出當代女性社群媒體使用者所面臨的一種兩難,一方面,性化的身體展演逐漸成為一種社群常規,另一方面,蕩婦羞辱的凝視仍然時時監控和規訓這些女性使用者。本研究透過半結構式的訪談,指認這些女性使用者如何發展出各種性化的技術,以進行象徵性的劃界實踐,區分合宜的性和過剩的性,再製良婦與蕩婦的區隔。
英文摘要 This study explores how young women respond to the contradicting norms which regulate their production of selfies. On the one hand, it is an increasingly normative practice for young women to engage in self-sexualization on social media. On the other hand, the disciplinary gaze of slut shaming has continued to regulate women’s everyday expressions of sexuality. Based on semi-structured interviews, this study demonstrates how women develop various techniques of sexualization in order to respond to both norms, which reproduces rather than challenges the binary distinction between sluts and good women. Firstly, they tend to produce sexy photos with cultural capital cues, which serves to position their photos outside the social category of sluts. Secondly, de-sexualization is also a crucial technique. Photos are perceived as proper sexiness (i.e. not slutty) only when they are not considered linked to sexual desires.
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