June  2019
Adolescent Gaming Motivations and Game Choices in Taiwan:“Temporarily Expanding the Boundaries of the Self”
作者(中) 吳岱芸
作者(英) Dai-Yun Wu
關鍵詞(中) 角色扮演遊戲、媒介娛樂、遊戲動機、暫時擴張自我界限
關鍵詞(英) role-playing game, media entertainment, gaming motivation, temporarily expanding boundaries of the self
中文摘要 本文根據近年媒介娛樂動機觀點,將遊戲行為理解為人們應對日常生活、維持身心狀態的手段,並指出「暫時擴張自我界限」是另一種適於解釋人們遊戲動機的觀點。台灣傳播調查資料庫一期三次青少年樣本分析結果顯示,暫時擴張自我界限最能預測角色扮演遊戲行為。同時,分析結果亦展示不同遊戲動機者的遊戲類型偏好,反映各類型的遊戲可能從不同途徑幫助玩家緩解壓力、修復內在資源,支持透過電玩遊戲維持身心狀態平衡的觀點。
英文摘要 Numerous views have been expounded regarding motivations for entertainment consumption in recent years. This study considered playing video games as a strategy for coping with daily stress and regulating physical and mental states, proposing that “temporarily expanding the boundaries of the self” is another gaming motivation. Data regarding teenagers from Taiwan’s National Communication Database indicated that “temporarily expanding the boundaries of the self” is the most predictive motivation for role-playing game behavior. Furthermore, the results revealed that game preferences reflect players’ gaming motivations, supporting the argument that playing video games is a coping strategy in daily life that helps people recover from stress and strain.
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