December  2018
是真,還是假?從閱聽人角度 看動畫新聞真實性
True or Fake: Audience Perspectives on the Truthfulness of Animated News
作者(中) 江靜之
作者(英) Ching-Chih Chiang
關鍵詞(中) 技術真實、動畫新聞、媒材、感官真實、新聞真實、實證真實
關鍵詞(英) animated news, empirical truth, modality, news truthfulness, sensory truth, technological truth
中文摘要 本研究以《動新聞》為例,透過40位閱聽人深度訪談,探究其如何定義新聞、評估動畫真實,以及期待動畫新聞的真實類型。研究發現,閱聽人判斷新聞與評估新聞動畫真實,主要藉由常識或經驗、新聞組織和互文性、新聞類型及消息來源權威性,鮮少提及動畫。而除了喜愛《動新聞》者會注意動畫,一般觀眾不在意新聞動畫細節。大部分觀眾認為新聞動畫只是模擬旁白敘事,用以娛樂、示意與強調,著重動畫新聞之感官及技術真實,而非實證真實。
英文摘要 By conducting 40 in-depth interviews with viewers who had been asked to watch animated news, produced by the NMA (Next Media Animation), this study explored audience definitions of news as well as their evaluations and expectations regarding the truthfulness of animated news. The results indicated that viewers tended to interpret animated news and evaluate its truthfulness based on common sense, personal experiences, news organization, intertextuality, news types, and source authority, rather than the animations themselves. Moreover, with the exception of a specific group who expressed favorable opinions regarding animated news, most viewers paid little attention to these animations. The majority of audiences perceive the aim of news animations to be entertainment, symbolism, and emphasis. Animation used in news is considered a type of re-enactment or simulation of the oral narration generated by a voice over. Moreover, animation is expected to convey sensory or technological truth rather than empirical truth.
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