December  2018
當新聞遇見社群媒介: 瀰漫媒介場域中的新聞實踐研究
When News Meets Social Media: Journalistic Practice in the Field of Ambient Media
作者(中) 郭文平
作者(英) Wen-Ping Kuo
關鍵詞(中) 場域理論、新聞實踐、資本、慣習、瀰漫媒介
關鍵詞(英) ambient media, capital, field theory, habitus, journalistic practice
中文摘要 隨著社群媒介普及,瀰漫媒介系統以廣泛、異步、輕量及永遠開啟特徵成為傳布新聞資訊新興場域。本研究訪談30位新聞工作者,以場域理論為架構,從行動個體到組織角度分析瀰漫媒介場域中新聞生產實踐。結果發現瀰漫媒介場域中新聞實踐結構了主體在新聞處理上對「網路伺服器資料」、及「社群特徵」的想像,導致對消費者資本競逐,也增強「量化評斷」及「社群感知」的新聞慣習,並成為新聞生產實踐主控論述而進行各類資本競逐。
英文摘要 Ambient media, with its broad, asynchronous, lightweight, and “always on” characteristics, has been integrated into the everyday lives of media consumers. The field of digital journalism has established a new relationship with the field of ambient media. Based on French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu’s field theory, this paper explores the production practice of digital journalism in the field of ambient media with analytical angles ranging from the individual to organizational level. By interviewing 30 news workers, this study discovered that the structuring of a “social media habitus,” which promotes the pursuit of “consumer capital,” achieved a legitimated status in the field of ambient media. The criteria for judging news values with respect to quantitativeness is therefore re-enforced through the practice of news production.
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