December  2018
懶人包超文本敘事設計分析: 順序與結構元素的討論
Hypertext Narrative Design Analysis of News for Dummies: Discussion of the Order and Structure of Elements
作者(中) 陳雅惠
作者(英) Ya-Hui Chen
關鍵詞(中) 敘事結構、敘事順序、超文本、新聞敘事、網路新聞、懶人包
關鍵詞(英) hypertext, internet news, narrative order, narrative structure, news for dummies, news narrative
中文摘要 超文本在說新聞故事活動定位如何?以往缺少聚焦在質化、以文本為單位的研究,本文從順序與結構之敘事元素,討論懶人包有別於傳統新聞之處。在順序中,超文本敘事從以時間線性為主轉向多層次空間或螢幕式的視覺呈現;就結構而言,則從傳統獨尊收斂式結構轉向收斂與發散式結構並存的狀況。懶人包不再只提供一個簡單的報導而已,更強調以直觀的、降低認知負荷的方式設計新聞情節,拓展新聞故事的想像,重新找到更適切的敘事意義。
英文摘要 This study investigated the role of hypertext in the process of telling a news story. Qualitative and textual research have paid little attention to news stories. This article selected the narrative elements of order and structure to discuss the differences between contemporary and traditional news. Regarding order, the narrative of hypertext news stories has shifted from a time-oriented model to a spatial or visual screen design. In terms of structure, it has transformed from a primarily convergent structure to a combination of convergent and divergent structures. News for dummies no longer provides only a simple report but also expands the imagination of individuals with respect to news stories and identifies more appropriate narrative structures.
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