December  2018
從自我一致性理論檢視五大人格、網路新聞媒體品牌個性、 媒體使用之間的關係
An Examination on the Relationships Among Consumers’ Personality Traits, Media Brand Personality and Consumer Media Use
作者(中) 李貞怡、李秀珠
作者(英) Chen-Yi Lee & Shu-Chu Li
關鍵詞(中) 五大人格、自我一致性理論、媒體使用、網路新聞媒體品牌個性
關鍵詞(英) big five, branding personality, media use, self-congruence theory
中文摘要 本研究從一致性理論出發,透過問卷調查,企圖瞭解五大人格、網路新聞媒體品牌個性與媒體使用三者之間的關係,研究顯示,人們透過消費某些品牌,彰顯真正及正面的自我形象;而「個性」亦會影響媒體使用偏好,具「外向活潑型」和「和藹寬容型」特質者,最偏好網路新聞媒體的使用。
英文摘要 This study examined the relationships among the personality traits, media brand personality, and media use of consumers of the six largest electronic newspapers in Taiwan. Based on a literature review, this study identified nine brand personalities, three of which were negative brand personalities and the remaining six were positive brand personalities. Adopting Sirgy’s self-congruity theory, this study predicted that five major consumer personality traits would correlate to the brand personalities of the six electronic newspapers, which in turn would be demonstrated to affect the frequency of use of these newspapers by consumers.
This study adopted a questionnaire survey to collect data, and 426 undergraduate students in the field of communication studies completed the questionnaire. The data analysis revealed that most respondents preferred the brand personalities of being competent and responsible, which were characteristics that also influenced their use of these electronic newspapers.
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