December  2018
從語料分析探究有機食物之媒體 再現:三十年之意義與轉變
A Corpus Analysis of Discourse on Organic Food: The Significance and Transformation of Thirty Years
作者(中) 紀慧君
作者(英) Huei-Chun Chi
關鍵詞(中) 有機食物、風險、健康、語料分析
關鍵詞(英) corpus analysis, health, organic food, risk
中文摘要 本研究探討有機食物相關之新聞報導。從1987至2016年,以語料庫分析方式,探究新聞中如何使用字彙,又如何形成論述,以探究有機食物如何隨著時代的轉移,而有不同的意義。

英文摘要 This article explores the representation of organic food in Taiwanese newspapers. A corpus analysis of long-term data collection focuses on how newspapers have portrayed organic food during 1987-2016.

The findings reveal that in the period of organic food development, “agriculture” can be regarded as the focus of news reports on the subject of organic food. In the medium term, shifting from agricultural activities to business themes means shifting the focus from production to consumption. In recent years, the vocabulary of farmers has been investigated, with a focus on describing the relationship and ethics of producers, crops, and land.
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