June  2018
資訊科學與質性研究之對話: Facebook 打卡實踐之視覺化行人言 說分析
Dialogues Between Computer Science and Qualitative Research: Analysis of Visualized Pedestrian Speech Acts in Facebook Check-In Practices
作者(中) 吳筱玫、李蔡彥
作者(英) Hsiao-mei Wu & Tsai-Yen Li
關鍵詞(中) 日常生活、打卡、行人言說、視覺化、跨領域、質性研究
關鍵詞(英) everyday life, check-in, pedestrian speech act, visualization, interdisciplinary, qualitative research
中文摘要 本文乃一跨領域研究, 團隊試圖將資訊科學工具, 導入
Facebook 打卡研究之中,作為輔助質性研究的一項利器。我們先以de Certeau 與Lefebvre 概念為本,勾勒一操作架構,作為開發視覺化行人言說分析工具VPSA(visualized pedestrian speech acts application for Facebook check-in)之基礎,接著以此工具進行質性個人化打卡實踐分析,並將分析結果與大數據之打卡統計進行對話,最終反身性思考液態社會時期的方法議題。
英文摘要 In this interdisciplinary study, we apply technologies developed in computer science to research on Facebook check-in practices. The objective of our work is to create a new tool to facilitate qualitative research on everyday life practices. We first use concepts proposed by de Certeau and Lefebvre to sketch an operational scheme, which serves as a basis for the design of our visualization analysis tool called visualized pedestrian speech Acts application for Facebook check-in (VPSA). We then use the tool to analyze the check-in practices of various individuals and to enable feedback between qualitative analysis and statistical data on check-in behaviors. Finally, on the basis of our research experience, we reflect on the need for new research methodologies in the modern era.
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