June  2018
網路速度與新聞— 轉變中的記者時間實踐及價值反思
The Internet and the News: Changing Temporal Practices of Journalism and Their Implications
作者(中) 王淑美
作者(英) Sumei Wang
關鍵詞(中) 時間、速度、新聞、新聞價值、網際網路、實踐
關鍵詞(英) time, speed, journalism, news value, internet, practices
中文摘要 許多人批評,網路使得新聞一味求快,傷害了新聞的價值。本
英文摘要 Journalism seeks high-speed practices and is often described as an occupation that races against time. Communication technologies such as the Internet and smartphones have exacerbated this behavior, which affects news production. Numerous scholars have argued that the Internet
has made immediacy the prime goal of journalism, which has damaged its virtue. Whether the Internet has deteriorated the quality of journalism has yet to be determined. Few studies have investigated journalistic practices involving the Internet. Upon a review of the literature, this study discussed “a fetishism of the present” in journalism. Furthermore, through in-depth interviews and observations of experienced news and media workers, this study examined the changes in temporal orders in news production, as well as journalists’work strategies and reflexive thoughts regarding news values in the age of the Internet.
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