June  2018
偏見同化效果:網路新聞不文明 留言對態度極化的影響
Biased Assimilation Effect: How Uncivil News Comments Polarize Attitudes
作者(中) 陳靜君、陶振超
作者(英) Ching-Chun Chen & Chen-Chao Tao
關鍵詞(中) 不文明現象、偏見同化、態度極化、網路新聞留言
關鍵詞(英) incivility, bias assimilation, attitude polarization, news comments
中文摘要 網路新聞不文明留言普遍,人們如何處理與既存態度不一致的
英文摘要 Incivility abounds in news comments today, but few studies have investigated how individuals process incongruent messages or have examined whether news comment sections are viewed as the public sphere. This study examined the effect of uncivil comments on attitude polarization
using an online survey experiment based on bias assimilation theory to investigate the views of survey participants regarding the controversial issue of same-sex marriage legalization. The results found that incongruent messages trigger the primary mechanism of bias assimilation. However, the tone of the messages caused no significant difference on the bias assimilation effect, with the effect appearing for both uncivil and civil messages.
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