June  2018
閱聽人跨媒介詮釋圖像敘事之 美感傳播芻議: 以繪本、iPad 互動電子繪本為例
Preliminary Analyses of the Effect of Readers’ Transmedia Interpretation of Pictorial Narratives on Aesthetic Communication: Picturebooks and Interactive e-Picturebooks as Examples
作者(中) 賴玉釵
作者(英) Yu-Chai Lai
關鍵詞(中) 互媒詮釋、美感傳播、跨媒介敘事、圖像敘事、繪本
關鍵詞(英) Intermedial interpreation, aesthetic communication, transmedia narrative, pictorial narrative, picture book
中文摘要 本文以繪本、改編之iPad 互動電子繪本為例,初探閱聽人跨媒介詮釋圖像敘事之美感傳播歷程。跨媒介參與和互媒詮釋相繫,含既定視域(類型互文、相互指涉互文)及想像。閱聽人因原作之互媒詮釋而形成預期,與改編文本互動後體現不確定感、否定性,引發驚奇及探索興趣。閱聽人需逐頁賞析繪本而視點游移,藉想像而弭合圖文間隙。閱聽人可因互動電子繪本之觸控設計而點擊畫面、開啟閱讀起點,藉主動參與而引導敘事邏輯,賦予視點游移新義。
英文摘要 In the study, picture books and interactive e-book adaptations of picture books were used to explore readers’ transmedia interpretations of the same pictorial narrative. Transmedia participation and intermedia interpretation are related, regarding generic intertextuality, referential intertextuality and imagination. Intermedia interpretation occurs when a reader familiar with the traditional form of a certain picture book is presented with an interactive electronic version. The reader experiences negation and becomes fascinated by the interactive design of the e-picture book. The new form stimulates the reader's interest in further interpreting and exploring the narrative. When a reader interprets a picture book, the wandering viewpoint is based on page-by-page reading, and the reader's imagination bridges gaps between pictures and texts. When a reader engages with an interactive e-book, the experience is initiated
through indications to touch and click the screen. The reader ascertains the narrative logic of e-picture books, and their wandering viewpoint is redefined.
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