June  2018
勞動薪資議題之 媒體再現與定錨影響初探: 以人力銀行青年起薪調查新聞為例
Preliminary Study on the Media Representation and Anchoring Effect of Wage News: Job Bank’s Youth Labor Starting Salary Survey Report as an Example
作者(中) 王維菁
作者(英) Wei-Ching Wang
關鍵詞(中) 人力銀行、定錨效應、青年勞動、起薪水準、起薪調查新聞
中文摘要 本文聚焦近年台灣青年起薪主要社會真實建構者—人力銀行
英文摘要 This study examined the influence of sociocultural factors on salary depression. In particular, the influence of the media representation of the job bank starting salary survey on the starting salaries and socioeconomic realities of youth labor in Taiwan was investigated. The researcher found that news reports on the job bank starting salary survey were fraught with validity concerns in their representation of depressed trends in youth salary levels. These surveys are a primary influence in Taiwanese youth labor’s socioeconomic reality; representations of survey results are the basis of anchoring effects, price collusions, salary climate perceptions, and panic effects. In this paper, the author discusses the complex role of the news media in the salary market, information power and order in the labor salary market, and suggestions for future improvements in salary information market disorder.
相關連結 job bank, anchoring effect, youth labor, starting salary level, salary survey news
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