December  2017
大學生對於科學研究資訊的閱讀表 現探究:以網路科學新聞為例
A Study of College Students’ Reading Performance Relating to Scientific Research Information: An Example of Internet-Based Science News
作者(中) 李松濤
作者(英) Sung-Tao Lee
關鍵詞(中) 科學素養、科學新聞、探究歷程、媒體素養
關鍵詞(英) scientific literacy, science news, inquiry procedures, media literacy *
中文摘要 本研究探究大學生在閱讀網路科學新聞研究資訊時的相關能力
英文摘要 This study explored college students’ competencies in reading and utilizing scientific research information obtained from an Internet
environment. The results indicated that subject students tended to retrieve keywords from the title, introduction, or conclusion within the news. Additionally, some reading comprehension difficulties were observed from the students’ interpretation of research conclusions, terminologies, and inquiry procedures, despite their correct understanding of the research
hypothesis. Furthermore, the communicative purpose of the news was more interpretively and constructively perceived, and students revealed
only limited doubts about the text structures, although they did show critical attitudes toward the inquiry procedures mentioned within the texts.
Finally, most students were inclined to believe the research reports and
adjust their opinions accordingly.
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