December  2017
再生能源的公眾支持及使用意願: 環境信念、行動及議題傳播模式初探
Public Support and Intended Use of Renewable Energy: An Exploratory Model of Environmental Belief, Actions, and Communication
作者(中) 徐美苓
作者(英) Mei-Ling Hsu
關鍵詞(中) 主動傳播、再生能源、行動效能、環境行動、環境信念
關鍵詞(英) active communication, renewable energy, action efficacy, environmental behavior, environmental belief
中文摘要 本研究探討影響公眾再生能源支持及使用的因素。透過對台灣
英文摘要 This study investigated factors contributing to public support for and intention to adopt renewable energy. A nationwide telephone survey was conducted on a representative sample of Taiwanese adults. The results indicated that cognitive evaluation of the energy issue and environmental belief were positively related to support for renewable energy. However, environmental behaviors and action efficacy positively predicted intention to use renewable energy. The predicted power of active communication, such as taking the initiative to seek relevant information and share it with
others, was stronger than that of information diversity on both support and use intention. Generally, the study revealed the value of including active engagement -- related factors when promoting subjects that entail environmental norms broader than mere appeal to self-interest, such as renewable energy. This paper hopefully elucidates research and practices that enhance public engagement in energy decisions.
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