June  2016
讀者詮釋「非虛構繪本敘事」之 交流歷程及反應初探: 以國際繪本大獎作品為例
Preliminary Investigation and Interpretation of Readers’ Appreciation of Graphics in Nonfiction Picture Book Narratives: Winners of International Picture Book Awards on the History of Science
作者(中) 賴玉釵
作者(英) Yu-Chai Lai
關鍵詞(中) 非虛構敘事、圖像敘事、圖像詮釋、繪本、讀者反應
關鍵詞(英) nonfiction narrative, iconographic narrative, iconographic interpretation, picture book, reader response *
中文摘要 本研究剖析非虛構繪本敘事如何藉「多模組」呈現,並理解讀
英文摘要 Multimodal narratives are aimed at understanding the textual structure of various modules and analyzing how different modules generate
synergistic effects. This article elaborates on how narrators transfer materials to multimodal pictorial narratives and explains the interactions among texts, readers, and reader responses.
When nonfiction picture book narrators convert scientific materials into pictures and text, they refer to scientists’ notes, specimens, and
photographs to improve the credibility of the content. Narrators can quote scientific theorems, formulae, and data to satisfy audience expectations regarding evidence.
Narrative filler information can be collected directly from real life experiences, enabling the audience to experience a profound sense
of connection to the life story of the protagonist. Nonfiction picture books provide aesthetic exchange processes through which readers can appreciate the books and identify with the content based on their real-life
experiences. Nonfiction picture books differ from fiction picture books, which emphasize fantastical elements and are entirely visually oriented.
相關連結 DOI: 10.6195/cjcr.2016.29.05
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