December  2015
The Representation and Myths of Gender and Romance: A Case Study of Leading Characters in Taiwan’s Trendy Drama
作者(中) 李素月、陳延昇
作者(英) Shu-Yueh Lee & Yen-Shen Chen
關鍵詞(中) 性別角色、刻板印象、偶像劇、 愛情迷思
關鍵詞(英) gender role, stereotype, trendy drama, love myth
中文摘要 本研究以內容分析法分析台灣偶像劇的性別刻板印象與愛情圖
英文摘要 This study utilized content analysis to profile the representation and myths of gender and romance in Taiwan’s trendy drama. The images of
male and female were stereotyped. Males were usually groomed and welldressed, and held high socio-economic status in terms of education, job,
and family economic background. Also, males were smart, gentle, and honest. More importantly, the presentation of males’ negative personality
traits decreased and positive personality traits increased over time, which indicated a transformation from “beast” into “prince.” On the other hand, female held lower socio-economic status and were honest and gentle. Females’ positive personality traits such as smart and working hard were decreased but introversion was increased over time, which indicated the
development of femininity in patriarchal society. For the representation of romance, the most presented love myths included “your perfect partner is cosmically predestined,” “love conquers all,” and “the right mate completes you.”
相關連結 DOI: 10.6195/cjcr.2015.28.05
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