December  2015
運動新聞的國族化:以北平《世界日報》的運動新聞為例,1933 ~ 1935
Nationalization of Sports News: A Case Study on Sports News in the World Daily News, 1933-1935
作者(中) 黃順星
作者(英) Shun-Shin Huang
關鍵詞(中) 運動新聞、通俗報紙、《世界日報》、成舍我
關鍵詞(英) sports news, popular press, World Daily News, Cheng She-Wo
中文摘要 民國時期的報業在南北統一後、中日戰爭爆發前,曾出現短暫
卻蓬勃的發展榮景,這反映在新聞出版品數量的增加,以及逐漸出現各種專門新聞與新聞專業組織。本研究以1933 ~ 1935 年間北平《世界日報》的〈體育界〉為個案,說明原先在英美報業發展歷史中,代表專業化與通俗化意義的運動新聞,由於此時中國處於內外交迫的危難情勢,運動新聞因而呈現與英美不同的社會文化意義,透過運動新聞的報導,運動被賦予代表國家榮辱、民族興衰的國族象徵。
英文摘要 Before the outbreak of the second Sino-Japanese war and after the north-south reunification, the Chinese press briefly thrived during the
Republican Era (1912-1949). This bloom was reflected in the increase in the number of news publications and in the emergence of professional
news organizations and specialized news reports. By analyzing reports between 1933 and 1935 (a distressing period wherein China was in a
state of national calamity) in the sports section of the World Daily News, this study illustrates how Chinese sports news was transformed to attain
and exude a completely different social significance. Whereas sports news signified the professionalization and popularization of meaning
throughout the development of American and British newspapers, the Chinese counterparts were remolded as a nationalist symbol of glory and
相關連結 DOI: 10.6195/cjcr.2015.28.03
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