December  2015
The Dance of Change: Traditional Media Group Leads in Key Performance Indicators in Human Resources Management
作者(中) 徐國淦、于俊傑、余鑑
作者(英) Kuo-kan Hsu, Chin-Cheh Yu & Chien Yu
關鍵詞(中) 匯流、組織變革、轉型領導、關鍵績效指標、聯合報
關鍵詞(英) convergence, organizational change, key performance indicator (KPI), transformational leadership, the United Daily News Group
中文摘要 本研究主要探討台灣傳統紙媒《聯合報》系面臨變革轉型過
程中,導入關鍵績效指標(Key Performance Indicator,以下簡稱 KPI)績效管理辦法,引發的危機及解決的途徑。研究發現:媒體產業跨足採訪、編輯、攝影、影音、發行、業務、印刷及行政等多個單位,企業組織與一般產業不盡相同,推動KPI 績效考核時,如何強化同仁間及跨平台團隊協力合作,落實公平考核,發揮綜效功能,相關制度設計宜更審慎周延。
英文摘要 This study explored how a traditional Taiwanese media group, the United Daily News Group, leads in key performance indicators (KPIs), the
performance assessment, which causes the crises, and identifies solutions. The study found that the media industry differs from conventional industries. When promulgating KPIs, companies should be restrained and cautious, strengthen the cooperation among colleagues and across teams, and implement an impartial assessment system.
相關連結 DOI: 10.6195/cjcr.2015.28.02
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