June  2015
網路時代企業參與公益活動的分析與 反思:以微軟MSN 公益捐助計畫為例
Corporate Philanthropy and Publicness in the Internet Era: A Case Study on the Microsoft i’m Initiative
作者(中) 張春炎、楊昊、李柏諭、戚栩僊
作者(英) Chun-Yen Chan, Alan Hao Yang, Po-Yu Lee, & Hsu-Hsien Chi
關鍵詞(中) 公共性、企業社會責任、企業參與公益活動、善因行銷、網路
關鍵詞(英) publicness, corporate social responsibility, corporate philanthropy, cause-related marketing, Internet
中文摘要 隨著企業運用豐沛資源投入網路公益活動,青年究竟如何思考、抉擇,並藉此過程實現公共性?本文擬以微軟MSN 即時的公益捐助計劃(「」計劃),作為研究個案,透過情況分析、行動分析與批判反思等三階段論述,對應探索此一個案的現象、意義與公共性。最後,本研究據此提出「雙重反思路徑」,希望能有助於探索青年參與企業倡議的網路公益活動時所需關注的理性反思能力。
英文摘要 The rise of corporate philanthropy has substantially contributed to society, particularly youths. Specifically, corporations provide abundant resources through corporate philanthropy to facilitate formulating the basic
circuit of the public. In the Internet era, these new channels are not only convenient but also problematic to youths for pursuing publicness. The purpose of this research is twofold. First, empirical data from an earlier survey and in-depth interviews are analyzed. Second, youth response to a philanthropic initiative by Microsoft, namely, the “I'm ” initiative,
is analyzed. This study recommends a dual process of reflectivity as a conclusive refl ection, and critiques for the youth participants are provided.
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