June  2015
影響新聞可信度與新聞素養效能 因素之探討
Factors Affecting News Credibility and Efficacy of News Literacy
作者(中) 徐美苓
作者(英) Mei-Ling Hsu
關鍵詞(中) 新聞可信度、新聞使用與動機、新聞素養、新聞素養效能
中文摘要 本研究觀察影響不同媒介新聞可信度及新聞素養效能感知的因素為何。分析發現,認為各媒介新聞可信度高者,多為媒介新聞接觸多元性較低,並持較高娛樂性新聞使用動機者;新聞素養效能越高者,則多為網路新聞管道接觸較多元、持較強獲得新知新聞使用動機、及認為報紙新聞有較高可信度者。此意涵新聞可信度的增加乃缺乏多元性新聞使用之結果,且會削弱閱聽人的新聞素養效能。本研究就此進一步提出對新聞實務界的提醒與後續研究建議。
英文摘要 This study compared news credibility among media and over time. In addition, it analyzed factors affecting news credibility and the efficacy
of news literacy. News credibility was evaluated high by respondents with low exposure to different news outlets of the same media and those with high motivation in using news for entertainment-oriented functions.
Stronger efficacy of news literacy was observed in respondents with high motivation to use news for information and those rating newspapers
high in news credibility. These findings indicate that an increase in news credibility can arise from uncritical news use, which weakens perceptions of self-efficacy in news literacy. Furthermore, the study summarizes recommendations for journalistic practice and directions for future research.
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