June  2009
From Agora to Theatre: Chen Shui-bian
作者(中) 黃順星
作者(英) Shun-Shing Huang
關鍵詞(中) 另類媒介 ; 奇觀社會 ; 假事件 ; 媒介奇觀 ; 演講場
關鍵詞(英) alternative media ; spectacle of society ; pseudo-event ; media spectacle
中文摘要 自1994年台北市長選舉,以陳水扁為主的民進黨選舉造勢活動,經由環境佈置與舞台設計等方式,營造出目眩神迷的奇觀效果。隨著有線電視與傳播新科技的普及,強化了奇觀社會中個體的消費主義傾向。本文透過時間軸線的梳理,說明民進黨的選舉造勢活動,如何從公共性質的廣場集會,轉變為設計華麗,類似劇場演出的媒介奇觀。
英文摘要 Since the Taipei City Mayor Election campaigns in 1994, the DPP under the leadership of Chen Shui-bian has endeavored to create spectacular media effects employing various media strategies. In the meantime, the development and popularization of new communication technology and cab le TV has led to further growth of consumerism in a society of spectacles. This article seeks to explain the metamorphosis of DPP's election campaign activities, from assemblies of the public to grandiose theatre performances resembling media spectacles.
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